HomeFocusing Workshop for Focusers
How can we take Focusing home with us?
We listen patiently to our focusing partners or to our clients. We can be open, curious, empathic to their pain, be present and accepting to everything they feel and say.

But what happens when we get home, to the people we love most, we worry about most, when they are struggling in pain, or worse – angry at us? 
How can we bring focusing qualities to our daily life? How can we speak Focusing language in everyday words? How can we be with our closest, most important people, in a Focusing way?

In this experiential 2 days workshop we will become familiarized with HomeFocusing – that enables us to take home, to our closest and most challenging relationships, the healing attitude and qualities of Focusing. By forming focusing-oriented relationships, we can reshape our ways of being with ourselves and with others, in our everyday life.

In the workshop you will explore different aspects and challenges of close relationships and practice a deep and practical approach toward your own process with your close ones.
What can you get from this workshop?
  • A new way to talk & listen to your loved ones
  • Improving trust and communication at home
  • Practicing practical empathy
  • Combining Focusing with Systemic & Familly Constellation
  • Dealing with inner and outer conflicts
  • Exploring a different kind of Focusing
Practical important information:
Who is it for? 
Experienced focusers (at least level 1), who wish to widen and deepen their own process and the processes of their families and clients.

When, where and how much?
Saturday and Sunday 21-22 of October from 10 till 17
In the wonderful venue of Samaya, near Utrecht in The Netherlands.
Costs, inclusding a generous lunch and coffee, tea and refreshments all day: €375
Early bird price until 7/9/23 - 325
Accommodations - There are lovely and affordable hotels and airbnb you can book, we'll be happy to help.

What to bring? 
Comfortable clothes and an issue from one of your close relationships that you wish to work on.

How do I register? Contact us by the form below and we'll get back to you.
The registration will be valid after the receipt of a non-refundable deposit of €50

What if I have more questions?
Practical questions you may refer to  Rene Veugelers in The Netherlands.
Content questions you may ask Annat Gal on.
What if I'm not sure? Let's meet!
That's understandable, you may have some doubts or concerns.
Annat is offering a personal Zoom meeting (20-30 minutes), free of charge and no obligation, that will allow an acquaintance, asking questions and maybe even a short HomeFocusing session.
Contact Annat to schdule a meeting!
The trainer: Annat Gal-on
Annat is Focusing coordinator and trainer for adults and children and a Family Constellations facilitator.

Developer and facilitator of HomeFocusing, a holistic approach that refers not only to our internal system, but also to the systems of which we are a part, in our everyday life.

Annat teaches HomeFocusing classes and accompanies individuals, couples and families with HomeFocusing processes, on the wonderful journey inside and out.

You can readmore about Annat here, and read some of her writings about Focusing, relationships and more - here in her blog.
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